The Alternative to Grilling

Barrel House Cookers (BHC) are designed to trap heat, moisture, and flavor when cooking. This means you’ll get consistently amazing results and a unique flavor in 40% less time than traditional smokers, all without needing to babysit your food. Whether you’re brand new to smoking meat, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, we guarantee cooking in a barrel with real charcoal and wood will be a great experience.

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Please note that the 14D model has been discontinued.

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Be a Backyard BBQ Hero

Barrel House Cookers are truly simple to use — try one of our delicious recipes or use one of your own! Don’t believe the Barrel House can take you from BBQ zero to BBQ hero? Read through our customer reviews or see what our customers are cookin’ up in the social feed.


Ranging from barbecue basics to artfully crafted, we have recipes and instructions for a wide variety of foods guaranteed to impress.

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Use Your Barrel Cooker, Your Way

Hang It

Hanging food maximizes capacity, cooks food evenly top to bottom, and food doesn’t fall during the cook. Plus, drippings vaporize and self-baste food in flavor and moisture instead of causing flare-ups. Once you try hanging in a barrel cooker, we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

BHC Hang It

Grate It

Some cuts of meat cook better sitting on a grate and sometimes, you just want to grill some burgers. That’s why Barrel House includes grates that you can use on three cooking levels. Use the middle level for foods like pulled pork, the top level for grilling burgers, and the bottom level for searing.

BHC Grate It

Sear It

One of the greatest features of a BHC is that the barrel separates from the base, making lighting and clean-up very easy. What’s even better, is that you can turn the base into a hibachi grill to sear your food for added texture and flavor.

BHC Sear It

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