General Instructions



Watch: How to Light Your Barrel House Cooker

SAFETY NOTE: When in use, the cooker must be placed on a solid, level, heat tolerant, non-combustible surface, at least five feet away from buildings and out of the general traffic path. A non-combustible round or square cement paver can be used as a base.

The results depend entirely on correctly starting the cooker.

Setting the Intake

Set intake to closest elevation:

  1. 0 - 2,000'
  2. 2,000 - 5,000'
  3. 5,000 - 8,000'
  4. 8,000 - 10,000'

Setup starts with the air intake setting. Slide the pin to one of four elevation settings. As desired, the elevation setting can be adjusted to let in more or less air.

Lighter Fluid Method

Coat with lighter fluid then immediately light. At 10 minutes, set barrel on base and leave lid open. After 10 more minutes, close lid.

Chimney Starter Method

Place about 1/3 of the coals in the chimney and set it on the remaining coals. Use paper or lighter cubes to light the chimney. After 10 minutes, pour burning coals on top of other coals and place barrel on base with lid open. After 10 more minutes, close lid.

Adding Wood

We do not recommend replacing charcoal with wood; however, for an additional flavor profile, you can add small wood chunks (preferred) or chips while meat is cooking. A little bit of wood goes a long way to creating flavor in the enclosed pit environment of the Barrel House Cooker. To add wood, either drop it in from the top or remove the barrel from base, add wood to the charcoal, then reattach the barrel. Keep in mind that Kingsford Original Briquettes already produces a mild smoky taste without adding wood.

Using Lump (Hardwood Charcoal)
Lump or hardwood charcoal burns a bit hotter than briquettes, but it still produces the same incredible results with a slightly different flavor profile. For additional flavor, small wood chunks can be added to lump during the cook.

Hanging Meat

  1. Prepare meat ahead of time using rubs or marinades.
  2. Hook meat securely, fully penetrating with hook pointing up.
  3. Hang meat on H-Frame inside barrel.
  4. Close lid.

For detailed instructions on the best way to hook certain meats, check out the manual.

Cooking & Temperature

  1. Wait instructed time per meat (see cooking guide).
  2. Open lid, check meat temperature, close lid if not done.
  3. Cook to preference.
  4. Using the Accessory Wand, engage hook to remove meat from cooker.

Note about the thermometer/temperature:

The thermometer provides the added value of being able to baseline the start up temperature and ensure the cook is within the desired range.

The top thermometer will typically read between 200-250°F, even though the Barrel House Cooker actually cooks between 275-315°F when properly started. The lid thermometer does not accurately reflect the temperature where the food is cooking, because it is at the very top of the barrel above the main exhaust points (the food cooks below the exhaust points).

Cooker Care

Cooker Care
  • Dump Ash: When completely extinguished, unlatch base and dump ash.
  • Components: Racks, grates, and hooks are dishwasher safe.
  • Cleaning Outside: Use soft non-abrasive material and detergent to wash outside as needed. The porcelain enamel is extremely durable.
  • Cleaning Inside: Load the cooker with charcoal as normal. Light the charcoal and prop the lid up with the prop pin in the hinge. The intense heat will get the inside drier. After it is cooled off, use a grill brush such as the 21-inch three-sided Weber Grill Brush. Bend the brush to an arch shape and brush off the ledges.
  • Cover: We recommend the BHC Polyester Cover for additional protection.