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18C O-Grate Accessories 18C O-Grate Accessories
  • New! Cooking options galore on your Barrel House Cooker! Pictured is the O-Grate with nested Slotted Grate and Drumstick Rack.
  • Now you can hang while maximizing grill space. Pictured is the O-Grate with nested Half Grate.
  • Adding two Half Grates to an O-Grate give you a secondary full grate set-up that is more modular.
  • All half grates can be lifted out with the Accessory Wand which makes them really easy to work with!
  • O-Grate with Drumstick + Half Grate + Slotted

18C O-Grate Accessories

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Enjoy more cooking options with the O-Grate and half grates! The possibilities are endless. (Model 18C requires the O-Grate to work with half grates.)

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O-Grate Offers Modular Cooking Options!

Veggies, drumsticks and potatoes on the BHC O-Grate.

Drums & fixn's on the Slotted, O-Grates & Drumstick Rack.

Upgrate your 18C cooker with modular cooking options! The innovative O-Grate holds 14 wide Half Grates, Drumstick Grates, and Slotted Grill Grates. They are ONLY AVAILABLE HERE ONLINE. Also, the O-Grate fits all 18 inch to 18.5 inch wide vertical barrels.

If you are looking for only packages that include additional accessories, please visit our 18C Accessory Packages here.There are 5 to choose from, including the huge King of the Cooker that includes everything!

Save $8 on Bundled Items!

Save $8 over purchasing items separately when you buy an O-Grate that is packaged with another grate. The O-Grate Packages, in the buying options above, have savings built in and shipping is only $6.99 for any order that doesn't include a Barrel Cooker.

Get the Most from Your Cooker

Maximize your smoker configurations using the O-Grate and half grates. These options provide creative ways to get delicious food.

  • 30+ Drumsticks. Use two Drumstick Racks in the O-Grate for a pile of yummy drumsticks. They cook in about 1-1/2 hours and the taste, texture, and juiciness is second to none.
  • Ribs, 8 lb. shoulder & potatoes on the BHC O-Grate.

    Ribs, 8 lb. shoulder & potatoes on the O-Grate & Half Grate.

  • Convert to Full Grate The O-Grate can be converted into a full grate using two Half Grates. This provides yet another option for cooking or racking at any level.
  • Drip & Heat Diffuser. Use the O-Grate and two Slotted Grates at the lowest level just above the coals for less intense heat and slower cooks, or to burn off some drippings before they hit the coals.
  • Perimeter Grate. The O-Grate is a 2 inch grate all the way around which can be used at the middle level of the cooker for potatoes or finger foods while the H-Frame sits the top level for hanging meat.
  • Top Level Hanger The O-Grate can be used at the top level all the way around the inner circle. Then the 2 inch perimeter of the grate can be used for finger foods.

Five Bundled Package Options

  • 0-Grate + Half Grate. Perfect for hanging meat and getting max grill space.
  • 0-Grate + Drumstick Rack. Enjoy the best drumstick you've ever had. Holds about 15. Buy an addional rack to get 30!
  • 0-Grate + Half Grate + Drumstick Rack. Get some of the best cooking options with this combo!
  • 0-Grate + 2 Half Grates. With two Half-Grates you also make a multifunctional, secondary full grate!
  • 0-Grate + Half Grate + Drumstick Rack + Slotted Grate. Why not have all the options! The Slotted Grate is perfect for vegetables and seafood, can also be used as a diffuser on the lowest cooking level.
  • Also Available Separately. The O-Grate and three different half grates are also available separately. We suggest buying a bundle and adding more half grates to get your ideal arrangement!
Ribs, 8 lb. shoulder & potatoes on the BHC O-Grate.

All half grates can be lifted out with the Accessory Wand which makes them really easy to work with!