Vegetables 101

Learn three basic methods for cooking vegetables in the Barrel House Cooker.

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Vegetables 101

Items Needed

  • Seasoning
  • Olive oil
  • Disposable aluminum baking pan, BBQue Can, OR Stainless Steel Slotted Grate (18C owners need the O-Grate for the Slotted-Grate to work).
  • Cook Time: 30-45 minutes



  1. Lightly coat choice of vegetables with olive oil and season to preference.

    There are 3 options for cooking mixed vegetables.

Aluminum Pan

  1. Place them in a disposable aluminum baking pan, that can fit into whichever cooker you have and set the pan on a grate in the middle level.


  1. Place chopped or whole vegetables in the BBQue Can. Close the lid, set bail into the upright position. In vertical smokers, either hang from the top level or lay down on a grate in the middle level. If using a gas grill, lay it down on the grill over medium to high heat.
  2. Roll or rotate can every 10-15 minutes for best results. Cook to preferred tenderness. When finished, simply pour the vegetables on serving platter, serve and enjoy!

Slotted Grate

  1. For 14D owners: Spread them out on the Stainless Steel Slotted Grate(s) on the Open Frame on either the top or middle level of the cooker. They will cook slower on the top level.

    For 18C owners: Place your O-Grate in the middle section of the cooker, insert 1 or 2 Slotted Grates into the O-Grate and spread your vegetables out on the grates. Be sure to check on them every 10-15 minutes.


  1. Let the vegetables cook to preferred tenderness. Remember to check them every 10-15 minutes to prevent burning.
  2. Remove the mixed veggies from the Barrel House Cooker, serve and enjoy!