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By on November 26, 2018
By on November 25, 2018
By Chuck McKinley on November 24, 2018
I bought the water bowl because I wanted to save turkey drippings, but when I set it in the specially designed grate, my turkey (20lbs) was resting in the bowl and therefore I could not use it. I was very disappointed. (BHC NOTES: Using the bowl and O-grate at the middle level will leave about 10 inches of hang space. Instead, set the turkey on the Full Grate, breast side up, directly on top of the O-Grate and Bowl. Another way is to buy and use the Extension Kit which allows the bowl to be on the lowest level will give you 21 inches.)
By William Digman [Verified Owner] on November 24, 2018
I filled the water bowl half full with warm water.I placed the pan just above the charcoal. It kept the turkey moist thru the smoking process.
By Wayne Hill on November 23, 2018
Used the bowl only once (so far) didn't really like it ..... maybe I did something wrong, but I'm not gonna give up just gonna try it again maybe this weekend, I'll just keep doing it until I get it right!
By on November 22, 2018
By Bill on November 21, 2018
Used it to deflect heat up and around in the barrell house cooker...cooking tacos al pasture came out great....my first use was with a brisket..also very good

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