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By Joe Day [Verified Owner] on November 26, 2018
Took y'alls advice on smoking turkey for the my first time on my 18c with apple wood chunks family and friends loved it and thank you for your support and advice.
By TK [Verified Owner] on October 25, 2018
Awesome add-on for the BHC 18. It gives you some extra hanging space without compromising the cook!
By Big Lew on October 19, 2018
This accessory really helps the BHC 18 C. It is a fine barrel smoker by itself, but this Extension Kit allows the bottom rung to hold a grill so it can the lower level be used for cooking, Therefore it really expands the capacity of the BHC 18. It also helps with long foods such as ribs and pork loins.
By John Jernigan on October 16, 2018
Tried it once couldn?t get it to fit
By Dale Widdison [Verified Owner] on October 8, 2018
The extension is a great addition to my Barrel House Cooker. I cooked a rack of baby back ribs Sunday. The added distance made a great rack better. I would have to say it was the Best Rack of Ribs I have done.
By STEVE LITTERAL [Verified Owner] on September 19, 2018
Love it. No temp change. Saves the lower two ribs of a full slab
By thomas protsik [Verified Owner] on August 16, 2018
I was so happy to see an extension kit offered for the BHC . It raises the barrel just enough for those long slabs of ribs . The quality is excellent as all BHC products .

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