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By Jay Hunt on December 31, 2018
Unboxed and fired up the 14 D this weekend. Thermometer did not work. Topped out at around 180 when the actual temp measured in same area with a digital thermometer showed 335 (BHC NOTES: If the thermometer is over tightened it may not read correctly. If the thermometer is still not working we will replace it for free.)
By Love Barrelhouse smokers [Verified Owner] on December 22, 2018
I just got my 18c and love it. Its easy to use and does a great job.
By Mark Vazquez on November 29, 2018
Thermometer works good. It's easy to install and easier to read. Great products.
By Carl Smith on October 1, 2018
Great costumer service ordered on Monday it was here on Thursday !! Will order again from you!! Thanks!!
By on June 23, 2018
By Regina Poniatowski on October 3, 2017
New one you sent is working great. Did a pork roast this weekend and it did not start at 500 degrees like the old one. Thanks so much

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